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John Deere License Agreement

Where the Californian peasants go, the rest of America follows — and in this case, it is dangerous. The state produces far more food than anyone in the nation, accounting for two-thirds of all fruits and nuts grown in the United States. By accepting the false distinction between “repair” and “modification,” the California Farm Bureau made the work of the RRIF very difficult. Instead of presenting a uniform legal-repair front, this Milquetoast agreement blurs the conversation. What is even more worrying is that there could be a cultural precedent for electronics manufacturers who want to prevent third-party repair technicians from accessing a device`s software. Those who use the black market, documented in a Motherboard report, say they are being pushed by a restrictive licensing agreement from Deere, one of the world`s largest tractor companies. These restrictions would prevent tractor users from repairing their own equipment or software, but such rules are being challenged by the so-called “right to repair,” which is currently underway in various states, including agricultural-congested Nebraska. The new licensing agreement is John Deere`s attempt to write his own private law. It is perfectly legal by copyright to repair your own equipment, re-develop your software and tinker with it to meet your needs.

But if your rights affect the ability of manufacturers to make the most of you, documents such as the licensing agreement are the method by which you remove your rights. Often this happens without your knowledge – what fraction of the software licenses in your life have you read? If it`s more than zero, you`re in the minority. Even if you read them, you would not have the opportunity to negotiate and often no market alternative to accept such unilateral terms. At the heart of these discussions is a volatile transition period, during which we move from an economic model based primarily on the sale of goods to one in which licensing plays an increasingly important role. The fact that farmers were among the first to expect it reads like a joke about Everett Rogers. Licensing agreements, on the other hand, give the licensee the seller broad powers.