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No Reply Means Agreement

The word you are looking for may be tacit, which means being understood or implicitly unspecified. A procedure of silence or a tacit acceptance procedure[1] (in French: tacit approval procedure; Latin: who agrees to empty, “the one who is silent is led to consent,” “silence implies/means consent”) is a means of formally adopting texts, often, but not exclusively in the international political context. Presumably, there is a consensus until disagreements become obvious (usually by resetting or editing them). You will find out if your treatment has a consensus when it is glued, built by others, and especially if it is used or mentioned by others. If the party that is silent acts tacitly on the agreement, silence is treated as an acceptance. In the case of an unsolicited commodity, if the potential buyer uses the goods, the buyer has accepted the contract. Suppose A sends B some food and A informs B that A is waiting for payment. If B eats, B has accepted the agreement. It means UNless, otherwise, DIRected. The use was that the character would send a report into the chain of command and end up “UNODIR, I`m going to do something crazy and kill the bad guys”.

Acceptance generally cannot remain silent. This rule dates back to England when a person wrote to a horse dealer that if he did not listen to the horse dealer, he would expect the horse to make his horse. The English courts did not believe that silence could show that there was mutual agreement and therefore decided that a contract would only exist if there was a positive agreement from the party receiving an offer. The trick in the economy is to soften it a little to show that it is trying to prevent someone from responding (p.B. to an email). These three words do a great job of forcing people to open up, no matter how reluctant they may feel (or passive aggressive). Tell people they vote “yes” if they don`t say anything, if they get a proposal or a plan. Silence does not mean “I don`t hurt myself” or “I reserve the right to weigh later.” It means, “I`m all about what`s being discussed.” Moreover, Dutch/English Is not the only language to have this phrase. I know there is a Russian expression that literally translates into English something like, “Silence is a sign of harmony.” While oral agreements and certain undertakings are technical contracts, evidence of the details of the offer and the fact that it was actually accepted is difficult, if not impossible, without a written contract.

You should also keep in mind that certain types of contracts are actually prescribed by law to be written.