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Sykes Picot Agreement Legacy

The following eleven points included the formal agreements between Great Britain, France and Russia. For British colonial administrators, Palestine was originally considered a buffer zone to protect the Suez Canal. However, in 1927, the British High Commissioner to Iraq enthusiastically expressed the discovery of “enormous quantities of oil” in that country, and Palestine provided a crucial outlet for the pipeline that would link Iraq`s oil fields to the Mediterranean. The Sykes-Picot agreement had left the French in charge of the northern route to Lebanon`s seaports, giving them permanent control over all oil exports from Iraq. The Palestinian port of Haifa offered the British an alternative route free of French control, and the Palestinian mandate thus acquired a new strategic importance for the guarantee of the UK`s national energy needs. The widely held view that Sykes-Picot is the cause of all the problems in the region is wrong, as some of these problems go back far beyond the treaty itself. In fact, I think the Sykes-Picot agreement has never been born on the ground. This treaty, however, was one of several interim plans that the Allies in postwar I. to share Ottoman heritage. After the Constantinople Agreement, the French turned to the British to develop their reciprocal desiderata and the British set up the De Bunsen Committee on 8 April 1915 to examine British options. [45] Zionism was not taken into account in the June 1915 Committee report,[46] which concluded that in the event of division or zone of influence, there must be a British sphere of influence that included Palestine, while accepting that there be relevant French and Russian interests, as well as Islamic interests, in Jerusalem and in the holy places. [47] Thus, the current borders between Syria and Iraq were formed by other agreements after the Versailles Conference in 1919. These are the limits taught in the teaching of history, which then became signs and symbols of nationalism.