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The Fifth Agreement Book

excellent additional information about the first book. read in a relaxed and simple way, which makes the experience of listening to this book very entertaining. A good continuation of the four Total chords loved the two Great Work of Peter Coyote Thank you If you ever considered the madness of the world and the way we react to things. If you have realized that almost everything we insist is nothing but the torture you initiated yourself, you will have this book. You have to listen carefully to really have the concepts, but at the end of the book, you will realize that life never needs to be the same again. Life-changing things when you take him on board. I really enjoyed this book and I think it was better than the four chords which were great in itself! Some critics believe that it is the same as the four agreements and that there is no point in reading both, but I think they are both worth their own merits. Discover with the integration of Wikipedia more details about the events, people and places of your book. It was the opening of the eyes in a non-threatening way.

I became softly illuminating. I didn`t feel “this” judgment about myself that I did things wrong, nor “this” urgency to do things perfectly correctly. I love this book, nut soup! :)) I listen to these books instead of reading them b/c from Peter Coyot`s reading. The book itself is awesome and I would definitely recommend it if you haven`t read the four chords. And I recommend it more than 4 chords, but seriously 80% of the book is one more of the same. So, in any case, one of them buys, but not both. It is very good to read books from people who have the patience and discipline to write/share things from the heart, soul and spirit of life in which you are simpatico. Although this is a continuation of The 4 Accords, it is NOT necessary to read the previous title. All sections of these pages/chapters are processed. Audio professionals are perfect for this kind of books/authors 1.

You can mark in bookmarks certain sections that are important and reproduce them during periods that you might need to hear. 2. Miguel`s universal prayers are always good for typing during trial times. Peter Coyote`s voice is cordial. It is very important that the voice reflects the author and his point of view/prespective especially in this genre. One of my FAVE-St authors! This book really connects everything. A beautiful sequel to an amazing lifestyle. Compared to the last book, it`s not that simple of a river. Although it is compared to a very good book, it still makes its ask Alexa goal to read your book with Audible integration or text-to-speech.