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Unified License Agreement

10.6 Violations of non-compliance with the conditions of licence may be brought to the donor`s attention through complaints or regular monitoring. To the extent that this is deemed appropriate, the licensee may conduct an investigation, suo motu or a complaint, to determine if there is a violation of the terms of the licence by the licensee. The licensee expands all reasonable possibilities for conducting such an investigation. Our take: licenses should be independent of technology. If a telecommunications operator wishes to offer GSM or CDMA services through different companies, this choice should be theirs. If not, what`s the point of a single license? While we agree that cross-ownership should not be allowed to prevent the creation of a monopoly in the market, companies should be given the opportunity to consolidate under a single licence. In this sense, Reliance Communications should be allowed to place Reliance Telecom under the same single license. 7.15 All calls from or end from mobile devices in India are made through the GMPCS gateway switch in India. These calls are not redirected by another gateway outside India. All network calls are routed via GMPCS gateway switches, i.e. a licensed GMPCS switch and another of licensed telecommunications service providers.

All international calls that occur or end in a PSTN/PLMN are redirected to India via the international Long Distance Gateway switches under license. All incoming or outgoing or outgoing calls from a NHS/PLMN are routed through a licensed telecommunications network. Domestic traffic from the supplier should not be transported or transferred to a location outside India. 12.1 If, for the duration of this licence, the performance of an obligation as a result is totally or partially prevented or delayed by one of the parties, due to wars or hostilities, the acts of the public enemy, Civil Insurrition, sabotage, act of state or instruction of the legal authority, explosion, epidemic, quarantine limitation, strikes and lockout (which are not limited to the facilities and facilities of the licensee), fire, floods, natural disasters or any act of God (hereinafter referred to as “event”) if the relevant party of the other party is informed of the events within 21 days schedule from the date of its occurrence, no party has the right to revoke this agreement because of such an event. , neither party has such claims against the other, with respect to this non-compliance or delay of the benefit.