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Usw Master Agreement

The current master contract between IP and LE Mill Local Unions expires on August 21, 2021. The agreement, jointly negotiated and ratified by local businesses in 2014, has improved our wages, pensions, health and safety and health security. On January 1, 2018, the minimum weekly sickness and accident allowance increased from $325 to $350. PITTSBURGH – The United Steelworkers (ETC) said today that members of local unions representing Arconic Employees (NYSE: ARNC) voted to ratify a three-year contract that covers more than 3,000 workers per hour at the company`s Davenport, Iowa plants. Alcoa, Tenn. Lafayette, Ind.; and Massena, N.Y. The plan is overseen by a public health committee with local union representation and cannot be changed without EU approval from the implementation date of 1 January 2015 to 31 December 2021, providing stability in a period of unprecedented health uncertainty. . ETC International Vice-President Tom Conway, who chairs the trade union committee, said the negotiations between the ETC and Arconic ended in a completely different tone from what they had started – with the company demanding major economic and non-economic concessions that the union considered excessive and unnecessary.

The master contract has a language of succession that protects our contract when our mill is sold to another company. “This is an excellent result not only for our Arconic members, but also for workers across the aluminum industry and also for the employer and its customers,” Conway said. . . . In 2014, the bargaining committee succeeded in eliminating the pension difference for workers hired after January 1, 2008. They also increased the pension multiplier for all employees to $55 per month for each year of service. This means that a person who retires at 30 years of service receives a pension of $1,650 per month.

IP contributes $500 for individual coverage or $1,000 for family coverage for each employee`s HRA included each year in the Mill Advantage Plan. Individuals can earn additional contributions by participating in some of the activities described in the Wellness initiative. . Employees and families are entitled to the IP Mill Advantage Plan, an 80/20 cost-sharing plan, which includes company-funded health retirement accounts (HRA) to offset deductibles, co-country and other out-of-pocket costs. Conway described the strike authorization granted by members of local unions who participated in the negotiations as turning the corner for negotiations and praised the hard work of the ETC bargaining committee to resolve management issues without labour disputes and without undue burdens for new hires or retirees. The newly approved contract provides for annual increases of 3.5% per year for all union members, resulting in a 10.5% improvement over the lifespan. It receives or improves existing benefits, such as unemployment benefits and supplementary health care, as well as pension schemes for currently active workers. There is also a ratification bonus of $1,750. The Master Agreement includes an annual conference on the safety and security of all paper mills. The conference enabled us to secure a high-level committee on mill safety with local union representation, as well as significant improvements to our local health and safety programmes, including full-time safety representatives and field safety training.

As a result, we have reduced the mortality rate in IP mills and implemented union safety initiatives in our workplaces.