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Facility Management Service Agreement

12.8 Employees transferred. In the event that the transition plan or order provides for the transfer of personnel from the company to the supplier, the supplier must comply with the provisions relating to the provision of job offers to employees of the company that the supplier intends to hire for the purpose of providing services after the effective date or the applicable date of the contract date (“transferred staff”). These transferred staff members are covered by the provisions of Section 13.11 of this agreement. As a result, the supplier treats transferred employees as their employees for all purposes, including tax returns and employee benefits, and the provider receives a signed statement from each staff member in an acceptable form by the company. In addition, the supplier agrees to monitor, pay, assess and determine the working time of staff transferred under the terms of that contract or order, to provide all necessary tools, supplies, offices and equipment to transferred personnel, and to provide training to transferees in the delivery of their services. 24.1 Access. The company provides project staff with access to company facilities during normal working hours, as is reasonably required for service delivery. When a supplier`s staff needs access to a company site or facility outside normal working hours, the supplier must obtain the required authorization from the company, which must not be improperly retained, conditioned or delayed. 11.6 Supplier staff obligations. The supplier ensures, at no cost to the company, that all supplier staff who contribute to a work product have agreed in advance in writing that these contributions will be allocated to the company or supplier. When agreements with one of the supplier`s staff grant such rights to the supplier and not to the company, the company will acquire all ownership rights of the supplier in accordance with Section 11.2. Report SAS 70 Type II. “SAS 70 Type II report,” a written notice issued by a service controller in accordance with SAS 70 requirements that is subject to SAS 70 requirements, which covers services and (i) indicates whether the supplier`s description of controls is in all its significant aspects of the relevant aspects of the supplier`s controls that were put into service at a given time (ii) if these controls are likely to meet the control objectives.

and (iii) if the controls tested have worked with sufficient efficiency to provide reasonable, but not absolute, assurance that the control objectives have been achieved during the specified period; at the same time as the services, functions and responsibilities of the institution-related service auditor, provided as part of the benefit auditor during the twelve (12) months prior to the entry into force of the staff concerned (i), who have signed service contracts or have been passed to the provider, or (ii) whose duties have been superseded or replaced by this agreement , although these services, functions and responsibilities are not explicitly described in this agreement.