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I Am Fine With The Agreement

American used to accept with a proposal that someone has made as long as marketing the brand/owner matches the product I am in order. Source: Redditshow contexthide Context There is a very slight implication of greater indifference that is given by “it`s good with me” compared to “I`m good with that”. I don`t honestly think the two are “on their way out.” I am good with the statement “We should not have this program in the future: it will not be available for soldiers who buy a house after today.” Source: Redditshow context I`m fine that there are disagreements about it, the propaganda is relentless. Source: Redditshow Background I`m fine now that the weather is cooler, because everything is locked and so I can`t really handle it while I`m playing. Source: Redditshow Kontexthide Social Context I think I`m fine how I come to accept that I`m only needing time and other things. Source: Redditshow contexthide context especially spoke for the expression of pleasure or chord spoken to show, that you used with what someone just said used with what someone said, even if you didn`t say it yourself, especially if you acknowledge that they did something wrong or wrong, I`m in order with Ass Creed and SoM and inquisition, they`re all thin half-games of the world, but if you say open world, I can`t help think that the real open world I`ve played. Source: Redditshow contexthide Context The fact is that HoTS Heldenpool is just too small right now and I agree with that because it will be in Alpha soon in beta. Source: Redditshow context I see a small difference between I`m ok with him and it`s ok for me, it`s the same difference between me is not clear (used to express doubt or confusion) and I do not know: in one sentence, the grammar matter is me, in the other, it`s me. For example, the focus might be on me to think I don`t know, but it may be clear to others, or it is in order with me, and it will also be in order with others; On the other hand, the emphasis could be that I am fine, but I do not know what others would think.

If there`s soy oil in mayonnaise, I`m fine, but in spaghetti sauce, it makes my throat. Source: Contexthide Redditshow context used to tell someone you`re talking with what they say, The Corpus of Contemporary American English, which has the text from 1990 to 2010, has 9 deposits of “I am fine with it” (with either “I am” or “I fine”), and 28 occurrences of “It is with me”. So both are still in use, and even if your second sentence seems less used in American English. used to say that you agree with a statement or accept a proposal or an edit command: I`m fine if you`re away for a long time, like Hal and Barry. Source: Redditshow context of Americans, as long as they are white Americans, I`m good at it because they come from Europe, as we all know. Source: Redditshow Contextually spoken to say that you quite agree with someone What I mean is that people tend to be more self-aware, and I agree with that. Source: Redditshow context used to say that you want to shake hands with someone, to show that you both agree that you agree with a plan or how to use some idea to say that you agree with someone`s description or opinion of success – I`ve had three deals to fall apart – I`m pointing my height and knowing how to quickly access bulls. Source: Redditshow context as long as people set up PTT I`m in order with this because too often all I hear is all that is on their computer, including typing, friends/family, breathing, eating, etc.